Santos Bonacci’s “Sovereignty” Talk “Busted” by the Irish Police! – Updated Audio.

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Santos Bonacci’s “Sovereignty” Talk “Busted” by the Irish Police!

Click Below for Audio on the Incident… Updated!!!

In the discussions you can find out the details of what happened on the day and discussion of some of the “Finer Details!”  Please Share the information to help others WAKE UP!  Could not make this S*** Up!

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For many years Santos Bonacci has been studying many, many aspects of law and the truth behind the “construct” of today’s societies and what lies deeply at the core of the whole deal.  As many are waking up to “Real-Eyes” the magnitude of the dark Cabal’s control grid and the truth to how we have been trapped here (in and on) this world for a very long time, they are reaching out for more information about “what has really happened to us all” let alone how we got to this point in the grand “Scene” of things.


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The following presentation was given in Belfast on Sovereignty but here is the Kicker.  The local police “Busted” the event!  Santos was giving the talk to help people to begin to understand (what has been going on for a very long time now) how and what is coming down the “train track.”  In a “Nutshell,” Santos is BUSTING the FICTION of the Elites and their rule thru “Legal-ease” or “Trickery” both via the use of words, deeds and other things like the birth certificates.  When one takes the time and pays some attention to all of this they become “enlightened” as to the magic of the trickery itself and as a result begins to comprehend the true “consciousness” of this world, how we are enslaved and how to become free of the constraints placed UPON US ALL, you and your children included, in perpetuity…

Just a few of the resulting Facts:

            The police “lied” about the reason/s for the “closure” of the talk at least 3 times. 

            The address on the warrant was the wrong building (which held them up.)

            The “Fact” is they want to prevent you the people from “Knowing” the information.

            The information “Empowers” you when you are aware of the Facts.           

We have tried to explain in previous articles how and why people are controlled (as Santos dose here) but the reason they “Busted” the event was to try to prevent YOU knowing what we are trying to help you become aware of.  The police were sent in to close down the talk thus, (the information) but lucky for us they failed, miserably as explained.  Some of the reasons this occurred are explained in the interview (that Will Be Linked) above but the very fact they tried demonstrates what we have been saying all along is the truth.  Please listen very carefully to the info and you will begin to “understand” how this is indeed true and furthermore what we can do about it. 

All WE have to do is become AWARE of how the CONSTRUCT works and that’s it, game over.  The only reason we are in this situation is due to the fact we did not “know” this information.  Before you get engrossed into the information please be aware they are trying to make this information ILLEGAL one step at a time.  Make sure you are clued up before it comes to the crunch because if you are one of those who do not know, prior to the time it will, be too late for you and yours.

For reference the show was nearly at its conclusion when the above occurred but none the less it shows the intent of the local police state…  Laws are underway to hide this kind of information from YOU…

Well done Santos for such an amazing tour and we would certainly advise readers to search out the other talks that were done on the trip.  Moreover, if your not aware of the information on these subjects we would suggest you spend some time looking into them for yourself.  A radio interview will be following this at some point in the next few hours so (for updates) please subscribe for free (if you have not already.)

Santos Bonacci’s Belfast “Sovereignty” Conference

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